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Quality Education for All Students

All students can be successful, and all students deserve a great education. This includes the option for full-day kindergarten. A strong start in school gives students the advantage they need to achieve success in the classroom and thereafter.


Strong Fiscal Accountability

A healthy school district needs healthy finances, and that means responsible, long-range planning and collaboration with parents, community leaders, and teachers. Tough decisions will require open and transparent communication between all stakeholders.


Everyone Deserves to Be Heard

Respecting diverse ideas and beliefs strengthens our system. We all must come together and put the interests of students first. If we do this, Jeffco will continue to be an excellent district that fosters a love of learning and prepares our students for life after graduation.


The Power of Communities

Strong communities, strong leaders, and strong teachers are the bedrock of a successful education. That's why transparency is so important--all stakeholders must have a place in the discussion as we decide what is best for our students.


Less Time Testing, More Time Teaching

Far too much time is spent preparing for or taking tests, rather than actively engaging our students in learning. If we are assessing our students it should be for the sole purpose of student growth. The data we collect should provide timely feedback to students, families and educators.


Choice in Enrollment

Colorado is a choice state, and Jeffco was one of the first districts to embrace choice. But our choices are not always available to all of our students. Economics, learning issues and other circumstances often prevent our most at-risk students from taking advantage of school choice. That's why our neighborhood schools must stay strong.

Why I'm Running

My Boys

As a parent of two Jeffco students, I want every child - not just my own - to have the best education possible. I want to be a part of making a difference in every child's future. School Boards make a difference.

Our Community

Jefferson County is my home. We moved here for the excellent schools. I'm proud of Jeffco's reputation. I want to give back and be a part of continuing Jeffco's excellence.

Our Opportunity

This is a very important election for Jeffco students. We have an opportunity move our district forward and bring stability to a fractured system. Families, employees, the entire Jeffco community - everyone must trust that our school board will make decisions with the best interest of all students at heart.


  • We can’t play politics with kids. I was a supporter in the first five minutes of meeting Ali. She didn’t tell me about herself. She talked about the kids. She talked about how important their opportunities are.

    Frank DeAngeles – Retired Principal, Columbine High School

  • I know what it means to go the extra mile for support and help. Ali is one of those rare individuals. I was a middle school counselor and elementary teacher for over 38 years and can testify for her service and dedication.

    Craig Jones, Retired Counselor, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

  • “Ali Lasell is an impassioned teacher, leader and advocate for public education. Mrs Lasell has been in the educational system for nearly three decades, and has proven to stand above the rest and fight for students at all levels. Mrs. Lasell’s efforts are targeted on ensuring that students come first and that policies, standards and decisions are based on what is best for students, not what is easiest. Ali is a highly respected educator who leads by example. Public education needs more individuals like Mrs. Lasell paving the path for today’s students.

    Robin Gilchrist, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Rocky Top Middle School

  • “Ali Lasell was the first person I met when we moved to Colorado two years ago – she was like our own welcome wagon to Colorado. Within the first day we had a small block party and a babysitter so we could work on unpacking!! Ali embodies the term good neighbor. We are so blessed to have her right next door, and this community should be proud to have her as a concerned citizen who will fight for our kids’ education!”

    Jill Giovannetti, Applewood Neighbor

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If we know anything about this campaign, it is that we will be outspent. Powerful outside interest groups are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into Jefferson County. But with the support of friends and neighbors like you, we can fight and win. Please donate today.


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